What are Snowparks, or Special Terrain Areas?

The Origin

Traditionally, ski resorts relied on the natural terrain of the surrounding mountains to attract skiers and snowboarders to their resort. New lifts were built and new trails opened in a bid to have the largest area of ski-able terrain. But then many resort reached the limits of their possible expansion, and in addition the younger generation were no longer drawn to the sport, which had essentially not changed since their parents started skiing.

The Evolution

Then, in the 1990’s, influenced by skate and extreme sports trends, came the freestyle revolution. Resorts began to sculpt their own features out of snow and other materials for riders to play on, breathing life back into their mountains without the need for further expansion.And so began the era of the Snowpark!

Our Days

Today ski resorts all over the world are judged not just on the height of their mountains or the length of their runs, but on who can boast the most impressive "special terrain area". These "special terrain areas" may include huge snowparks with lines of jumps, boxes, rails and features, mogul runs, half-pipes and snowboard/skier cross courses, and will be professionally designed, maintained and managed to provide maximum safety and enjoyment for slope users of all abilities.

They have revitalized the ski industry and brought young people back to the slopes!

Park Crews

Gradually the task of creating and managing these special terrain areas has been outsourced to young dynamic companies, owned and run by people who have a better understanding of what makes for a truly great park because.. they ride them!

So don't get left behind! Talk to YiBu Snowparks about developing a "special terrain area" for your resort today, and see for yourself the benefits that it will bring!