Snow Parks

A snowpark or terrain park is an outdoor recreation area containing terrain that allows skiers and snowboarders to perform tricks by providing featured terrain such as rollers or jumps/kickers, or “props” in the form of different kinds of rails and boxes. Terrain parks have their roots in skate-parks and many of the features are common to both.

This kind of terrain park not only provides a new kind of playground for the mountain user, but also a highly visible showcase for resort sponsors and a monument to the capability of the resort management.

With a focus on the Chinese market, we create snowparks that can be enjoyed by those of an intermediate level as well as advanced users, with easy entry level features that are fun to use and still visually impressive and inspiring for resort users of all levels.

Mogul Courses

Mogul skiing became popular in the 70’s as skiers realised that un-groomed ski runs would develop “bumps” that were immensely fun to ski on, requiring a different technique to regular skiing and also creating the possibility of aerial tricks. Fast forward 40 years, and mogul skiing is now an Olympic event, and a trend that is now sweeping the Chinese ski market too. We create “seeded” mogul runs for users in designated areas for resort users to enjoy and practice on, without the need to sacrifice whole groomed trails.


An X-Trail (more commonly known as a Boarder-X or Skier-X course) is a track on the mountain approx. 6-8m wide and anywhere from 150m to long that incorporates in its length various bumps, jumps, obstacles and turns that a rider must negotiate in order to stay on the track and finish the course. If you are familiar with the sport of BMX, then you could imagine a BMX track laid out running down the side of the mountain.

This kind of track is most often used for Boarder/Skier-X style races (an Olympic event), but also provides fun and entertainment for amateur slope users. The difficulty and speed of the course can be varied by adjusting the design of the track, so that the course may be enjoyed by anyone of an intermediate level upwards.

This kind of course will not only bring a new challenge for skiers and snowboarders in your resort, but will also provide a striking visual feature on your mountain, and a perfect venue for a new style of race event.


Skate inspired, the half pipe is a big draw in many of the worlds top snowparks, and also an Olympic event in it’s own right. If your resort is ready to take it to the next level, then we can create a world class half-pipe for your advanced slope users.