About Us

Who Are YiBu Snowparks?

YiBu Snowparks was formed in 2010 in response to the growing need of China's nascent ski industry for professionally designed and constructed special terrain areas. In addition to this we also provide consulting on diverse aspects of ski resort operation, including rental management, lift operation, snow-making and slope maintenance, ski school management and curriculum.

Meet The Team

Andrea Coatti has been involved in the ski industry his whole life, starting work at his local mountain in Valmalenco Italy before he left school, and has extensive experience in every area of mountain operations. He was brought to China to supervise technical aspects of the construction of Duolemeidi ski resort (Hebei, Chongli), and has also worked many seasons as the manager of New Zealand's largest rental shop. He has been responsible for the preparation and maintenance of numerous World Cup slopes, and in daily operations is Yibu Snowpark's chief groomer driver.

Simon Adams has been skiing since he was 6 years old and is proud to be a part of the renaissance of freestyle skiing, or “new school” freestyle as it is commonly known. He has been skiing in China since he moved to Beijing to study Chinese in 2007 and is passionate about the development of the Chinese freestyle scene. In daily operations he is Yibu Snowpark's head shaper.

The Soldiers of Yibu Parks

Matteo Coatti

Nationality: Italy

Position: Head Shaper

Working at Yibuparks since 3 years

Lindy JiaJia

Nationality: China

Position: Media & Marketing

Working at Yibuparks since 2 years

Manuel Dioli

Nationality: Italy

Position: Shaper

Working at Yibuparks for 2 years

Doug Sharpe

Nationality: Canada

Position: Shaper

Working at Yibuparks for 2 years

Giulio Dioli

Nationality: Italy

Position: Shaper

Working at Yibuparks for 1 year

Palù Park

Nationality: Italy

Position: International support team

Working together on various events, sharing experience team members.