Pump Track

This is where first time riders can study the basic bike control skills needed to play on the mountain trails, and more experienced riders can hone the techniques that will allow them to master more challenging trails. The pump track is also an awesome place for kids to play, or to warm up for your run on the mountain or hang out with friends after a day on the trails.

◼︎ First timers practice basic skills.

◼︎ More experienced riders refine skills.

◼︎ All riders can warm up, cool down or play together.

Jump Areas

This is the area where riders can build and develop the skill of jumping or taking “air” on their bikes, probably one of the most spectacular forms of riding there is. This would also be a unique venue in China, and a great source of marketing material for the resort. This area also has the potential to host awesome competitions and events.

◼︎ A very unique venue in China.

◼︎ Developing one of the most spectacular riding styles.

◼︎ Perfect for hosting awesome “slopestyle” events.

◼︎ A great source for marketing material (photos, videos, social media posts).


Family Fun

Family Fun is the introduction to riding on the mountain. This trail winds gently down the mountain and can be enjoyed by riders of all levels without the need for excessive pedalling or braking. This is a relaxing journey through the beautiful countryside and a great way to experience the fun of Mountain Biking.

◼︎ A great introduction to Mountain Bike trail riding.

◼︎ Suitable for riders of all skill and fitness levels, families and groups.

◼︎ A new way to experience the beauty of nature.

◼︎ Does not require specialised bike types.


This is the most challenging trail on the mountain. A mix of dirt, rock, roots and speed provides the experienced rider with the perfect chance to test their skills. Downhill is currently the most popular form of Mountain biking in China, and most national and international Mountain Bike competitions in China are Downhill races. This trail would provide the perfect venue for hosting Downhill competitions.

◼︎ Attracting core market and Key Opinion Leaders to your resort.

◼︎ An irresistible challenge for more experienced riders.

◼︎ The perfect venue for competitions and events.

Air Downhill

The Air Downhill trail is a progressive trail where riders can use the skills they have practiced in the pump track or jump park to navigate a more sculpted downhill trail, complete with berms, rollers, drops, jumps and wood features, designed to create a thrilling and addictive experience for intermediate and advanced riders. This would be one of only a few true Air Downhill trails in China and represent a new experience for Chinese MTB riders. A smooth blend of Pump track and Jump park features in a Downhill trail for an exciting and addictive ride.

◼︎ Very few true Air Downhill trails in China.

◼︎ Very addictive and accessible for a wide range of skill levels.

◼︎ Most bike types can be used.