About Us

Meet YiBu Bikeparks

YiBu mountain development is a company where foreign expertise meets Chinese work experience.

YiBu Mountain development began the “lift accessed Bike Park” movement in China in 2011, building China’s first lift accessed trail at Duolemeidi Ski Resort. Since then we have been involved in various other mountain bike projects and continue to expand our client base.

We provide a comprehensive range of Mountain-bike focused services, including:

The Team

Doug Sharpe is originally from Vancouver Island on the Canadian west coast, a place regarded as the birthplace of modern mountain biking. Doug began building mtb trails from a young age, and quickly gained a reputation as a talented trail-builder.

Since then he has worked on legendary projects including:

  • A regular position on the Silverstar Bike Park trail team!
  • Bearclaw!
  • Silverstar“P.S-Walk the line”
  • FMB

Doug’s first year building bike parks in China he introduced China to the first true west coast style trails at Duolemeidi. With large flowing turns winding through forest it was the first time Whistler style trails were introduced to China. Following the trail build at Duolemeidi Doug moved to Genting Secret Garden to repair their existing trail network and establish another family fun trail.

Andrea Coatti was born in the Italian Alps. His involvement with bikes began with motocross before he moved on to mountain bikes. He was involved in the downhill European cup races in Caspoggio 2003-2004 (Valmalenco, Italy) and also involved in the planning, design and construction of the recently opened Bikebernina trails in Caspoggio (Valmalenco, Italy). He moved to china in 2006 and is now trail building with the YiBu Bikepark team. Andrea holds a diploma of trail building from the IMBA (international mountain bike association).

Simon Adams started out riding bmx bikes before moving onto mountain bikes. His experience from BMx and snowsports course design, his artistic flair, his understanding of ski resort operations, and his love of physical labour makes him a natural addition to the YiBu Bikeparks team.